A Poem Dedicated to the people of Manchester
Friday, May 26, 2017 at 01:50AM
Watford Celebration Team


I belong to the United Kingdom
United is the key
Not north or south – I'm both
and east and west, to boot!

MANCHESTER – I am Manchester
Inside – that's where it counts!

You are my brother, my sister
I feel for you all 'up north' as I happen to live 'down south'..

BUT wherever we are, we are ONE!
Your joy is my joy
Your pain my pain
Your prayers, my prayers
Even if you don't feel them, they are there for YOU!

TOGETHER, we will prevail
religion or no religion,
belief or no belief,

Questing where have my loved ones gone?
What is there after this life?

I too have asked that question
And I have found answers
Keep questing, the answers are there….

Comfort, strength, hope, courage to go on -
that is my prayer for you all

How can I go on without them?  I have,
I know you can
you will see them again!

With love

Marijah Butcher

May 25th 2017 after the Manchester Concert Attack

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